Tuesday, 23 August 2011

semiya kichadi

very simple to make and this can be served as a breakfast. U can also
pack this for lunchbox. This kichadi we are adding vegetables. So
it is good for health. We can be happy that something healthy goes into
the stomach.

1. slice onions, tomatoes, green chillies.

2. cut carrot, beans, potato 1 inch long .

3. Boil 2 cups of water. Add 1 cup of semiya. stir well and switch
off the stove. Let the semiya cook in the hot water. cover it.
(no need to strain as we have used the required quantity of water

4. Now take a kadai, add vagar, curry leafs, chilli sliced onions.
Once the onions are done add tomatoes fry for some time
and then add the vegetables. Add some salt and little water
and cook the vegetables. add little haldi powder

5. Once the vegetables are done add the cooked semiya into it
and mix well. Add lemon juice and now the vegetable semiya
kichadi is ready to serve.

Note: Instead of boiling semiya separately and vegetable separately
u can make this as normal semiya upma. But before adding semiya
add the vegetables and allow it to cook. Then add the enough
quantity of water so that the semiya can be cooked.


வெங்கட் நாகராஜ் said...

Generally I do not like Upma.... except for two varieties of Rice Upma....

But this picture of Semiya Upma looks good :))))

pudugaithendral said...

Ha haa,

This upma tastes very will. Taste it with thakkali thokku. I am sure this will become u r favorite.

Thanks for visiting my blog

ஹுஸைனம்மா said...

We use to do this with a little coconut milk too.(mostly with mutton and it is called Semiya biriyani!!) :-))))

And u r rocking with posts so fast without giving enough time to comment!! ;-)))))) Congrats, carry on.


Thanks for sharing my favourite semiya kichadi.

pudugaithendral said...

Thanks husainamma,

Want to post more post in this blog.

pudugaithendral said...

most welcome kovai2delhi