Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Bread is a handy food. Easy to digestion. That is why doctors
advice us to take bread as a diet when we fall ill.
Normally we make sandwich out of bread. If we have bread
at home we can do wonder.

Instead of white bread use more of brown bread or multigrain
breads. Its healthy.

For bread masala toast follow this link:

1.Cheese bread toast:

1. grate the cheese and keep aside.

2. Take a bread slice. apply butter or ghee. Apply some
tomato sauce. sprinkle the grated cheese over it and
toast it in a toaster. cheese bread toast is ready.


In the super market Nutella chocolate bread spread is
available. Kids will love the chocolate coated bread.

Just apply over the bread and it is ready to serve.

3. Pav masala:

1. This is very easy to make. Take pav (which we use for
pav baji). roast in the tawa with ghee or butter.

2. sprinkle some garam masala over it in pav masala is
ready. (it can be sent in lunch box for kids or serve
as a evening snack)

4. potato masala bread:

make potato curry (smashed potatoes)

Take bread slice. spread the curry over it.
cover it with another slice of bread and toast it.
(if u wish u can add some grated cheese, tomato sauce
or u can use green chutney over the potato masala)

this can be served as breakfast food, lunch box for kids
and evening snack.

5. Make paneer burji (for recipe)

stuff the bread slice with paneer burji and toast it.
while making burji U can also add grated carrots,cabbage.


அப்பாவி தங்கமணி (சஹானா இணைய இதழ்) said...

Wow... nice simple wonders in bread for bread eaters like me... thank you...:)

சாந்தி மாரியப்பன் said...

Nice one, and tasty to the taste buds :-)

pudugaithendral said...

warm welcome to my blog buavana,

thanks for u r comment

pudugaithendral said...

tasty to the taste buds //

lovely comment. thanks shanthi


bread varieties are very useful to roshni's lunch box.

thanks for sharing.